Sunday, 18 November 2012

This is Good Company Wins

The world is turning in to Mars pretty quickly, as we use stupid stuff like coal and oil to fuel our way of life.

That's super stupid, since there are loads of possibilities for us to live in a way that doesn't end up in environemental catastrophy.

Voting for the good guys is one way of ensuring we wont all die due to global warming. Another way is making sure that companies, small and big ones, make smart decisions when choosing their energy.

Clean energy and transportation might cost a little more in the short run, but is really smart in the long run.

This blog is basically us (a couple of happy Swedes) trying to encourage companies to make smart choices when it comes to the environement. Showing them that if you do something that's good for the environement, we're there on the sidelines cheering.

Hopefully, enough cheering will show other companies/countries/people that making the right choice for the environment does not only save the life of everyone, but gets you good stuff like new customers and good pr.

Let's make sure the Good Company Wins!

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